Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One less organ!

Most of you have heard that I got my gall bladder out, but let me share the story with you.....

Saturday june 11th, Denton's aunt and uncle were in town, so we decided to go up to Salt Lake and hang out with the fam. We went to This is the Place. Way cool by the way. It is basically a town and reenactment of how the pioneers lived. Anyways, Denton and I went to the barber shop so he could get a shave, and BAM out of no where I start getting this horrible horrible horrible case of heart burn. I have never had it like this before. My heart was racing and I broke out into this sweat. Not fun. It came in the form of contractions also. It would spike for about five minutes then go away for about the same time. It lasted about an hour.

By the time we got home, I was super nauseous. I hate throwing up, so I am the person who will wait until it comes on its own, and trust you me, it did! Afterwards I felt sooooo much better. We were thinking maybe I had food poisoning.

The next day, I started work for the summer. GYMNASTICS! Wohoo! I was pumped, so excited and Starlyn was going to go to the day care there. She loves being around kids. The morning went well, Starlyn did awesome, she was the most popular kid there. By the time I got home around noon, the pain had returned, but about ten times worse now. The pain penetrated into my back. Sitting, standing, laying, any position made it worse. Something was wrong. My sister Ashley had just got diagnosed with GERD so maybe I was getting that too. I tried all the over the counter heart burn medicines I could, but nothing. I decided I should go to the Doctors. i went that same day and had my blood drawn and was given some prescription heart burn meds.

I got home and took the meds, I just wanted that pain to go away. I took it, and BAM it only made it worse. My nausea came back, I couldn't keep anything down, and I noticed I was getting dehydrated. Not a fun experience. I had Denton give me a blessing, and I was able to stick it out another night, only this time the pain never went away with throwing up. I got my blood results the next day and they said that my liver tested high, so they were going to do more testing. I told them what was going on, so they scheduled a ultra sound for 5p.m that day. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink until after my ultra sound, which was no problem since I could not do that anyways.

Things just kept getting worse. My stomach hurt to the touch, the pain radiated from my chest thru my back, my heart was racing and I couldn't move. I called my doc and they said go to the ER. I called Denton and he came to my rescue. We got to the ER and tests were done to figure out what was going on. They gave me some pain and nausea meds thur an IV to help me. About two or three hours later, results were in. I have gallstone/pancreantitis . I was really really sick the doc said. Three stones escaped blocking my pancreas and causing it to eat itself. Not a good feeling. The admitted me to the hospital and I went and had the escaped stones removed right away.

What a huge difference! I felt soo much better, but still not well. Wed afternoon my gallbladder was taken out. Because my pancreas was soo sick, I was not allowed to leave the hospital for a couple days. I was on a clear liquid diet forever. When your pancreas is sick, you don't want to eat so it gets a break and can heal up. I stayed in the hospital until friday evening. My pancreas is still sick, and I go back in a couple weeks to have it checked again. They put me on a low fat diet, which I was already on so that's easy! I feel soo much better. Still a little sore. I can't lift or do anything for two weeks, so it's been nice having Denton be my slave...hahahah (evil laugh!)

Denton really has been great. So patient with me, and doing great with Starlyn. I am so grateful for him and for the love he has for our family! I can't wait to be able to work out again and return to my normal activities. Not being able to do anything is seriously the hardest thing to do. We've had some friends from our ward help us out, and that has been so nice. But getting served is way harder than serving. It has been humbling. I hope no one I know has to go thru what I did, not fun at all!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growing up sooo fast!

My little baby is growing soo fast. She will be 8 months in a week and a half. I can't believe how fast it really goes. It has been so much fun. She has her two bottom teeth now. They are freakin precious. I hope to get a picture soon. She can finally roll over from back to front or front to back. But she actually would rather be up on her feet. I really think she will walk before she crawls. She is constantly pulling herself up and working those legs. We sometimes try and help her to walk, and she goes up on her little tipsie toes. She looks like a little ballerina! She brings so much joy into our lives, and I absolutely love her!

She LOVES mirrors!

We put Denton's gloves on her, and they looked like wings. It was soooo funny, she was entertained forever with them! (and of course we laughed at her the whole time)