Saturday, May 21, 2011

California here we come

For the last little while, we have been trying to decide where to go for grad school. Denton got accepted to BYU and to CSU-Chico. Both we really win win, but Chico of course is where we are from and all our family is there. We fasted and prayed for a long time, and we finally got the answer that the Lord supports where ever we choose. So we weighed the pros and cons, and we chose CSU-Chico!!!

We are soo excited to be back around all our family, both our families!! Of course all the grandmas are excited for little Starlyn!! It has been over six years since we have lived in Cali. I miss the weather, soooooo excited for NO SNOW!! It will be weird tho leaving the Utah bubble. I was talking with Denton, and I am convinced that I have been in Utah too long, cause some of my concerns were the people....hahahaha! How sad. But I hope that I can have some fun missionary experiences. It's a little hard in Utah when everyone is LDS.

I will miss Utah tho. I hate to say it, but I will. I think I will miss the bubble, even tho I hate the bubble. But it is nice having so many around who believe the same as I do. I will miss all those I have come close to here. Hopefully we will make it back to visit.

We move in August, and I am counting down the days!!!! Woohooo!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

From thailand to my kitchen

So as most of you know, We love love love Thai food, especially their dessert! I decided to make sweet rice and mango, and it turned out AWESOME! It was like we were actually eating it from Thai kitchen (our favorite Thai place in Utah). If anyone wants some or the recipe I am happy to share the awesomeness!

Tummy time

You can't really tell by these pictures, but Starlyn HATES tummy time. Well she will like it for about five minutes and then she will cry and cry. She needs to learn tho, tummy time is good for her..ha. I did get some good shots of her tho while she was enjoying it. She is getting better height and she tries to move her legs, and it looks like she is swimming..haha.. which is super funny. She also, can stick her but up in the air, but that only lasts like two seconds. I believe she will walk before she conquers crawling, rolling over, and rocking back and forth. Until then, she will be forced to like tummy time!

I love this picture! (Tara, I think she looks a lot like you in it!)

I had to add this picture cause her shorts are awesome! Look at those ruffles!!!

Look at the height and arm extension!!

I love my daughter!!!

My little garden

For mother's day, Denton got me my first little garden. I have three peppers! A habenaro pepper, a banana pepper, and jalapeƱo pepper! I am super excited!!! I was telling Denton that the frame he got me for valentines was the best gift ever, and that I didn't think he could top it, and then he surprises me with this. I seriously have the best husband ever!!! I am sooo excited, and cannot wait to eat them. It should take about 75 days til the are "eat" ready! Yummy!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starlyn loves her bouncer!

The little things we enjoy in life! Starlyn seems to enjoy them all..... which makes life so easy!!

At the park

This picture cracks me up...hahahahahahhaha!!

The weather has been beautiful, which means we can go outside on walks, strolls and anything our hearts desire. Today I decided to take the camera with me!


We came to go to bed and this is how we found her...hahaha!!

Starlyn has officially upgraded to her crib/play pin. I can't believe how big she is! She is already 19 Lbs. My little chunker!!