Wednesday, July 18, 2012

two kids..... can you say crazy?!

Having two kids is a blessing. There are a lot of woman out there who would trade places with me in a heart beat. But having two kids is a lot harder than it looks and what I thought it would be. One kid was a breeze, piece of cake, no problem! Now having to take care of a new born again takes up so much time. Star is really having problems with it. Most days she does well. As long as I let her hold Lola, or tickle her, play pattie cake, help in any way, etc.. she does well.... most of the time. There are those few moments tho, when I am unable to focus on Star cause I am in the middle of nursing and she goes crazy and hits Lola. I hate to admit this, but the first time she did that I slapped Star across the face. I have never felt so horrible in my life, I cried!

How do I expect Star not to hit Lola, when I did the very same thing to her. It's been really hard cause having a c-section I am unable to pick Star up for four weeks (which is over on Monday... THANK GOODNESS!!) So playing with her has been a little tough. I try so hard to manage my time with her but I feel terrible that it may not be as exciting as it was or could be. I pray that in a month or so things will calm down and get into a routine that will share my time more equally among the two little ones.

Out of all this chaos I am still so grateful for these two beautiful girls. I never knew I could have this much love. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for entrusting me with these sweet spirits. He has a lot of faith in me, and I am grateful for that!

P.S. Any mommies with advice would be most helpful. I admire you for being able to have more than one kid, cause it is not easy but so very worth it!!

Sleep time

She looks so at peace, so we had to take a picture!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Star with Lola

Star loves to touch Lola. Her favorite thing is to play patty cake with her. I have learned that it's best to let her play with her to get it out of her system, or she will try and hit Lola, plus play time with Lola only lasts about two seconds. I think it's cause she doesn't play back yet..ha!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two weeks old

Lola Bue is two weeks old already. I can't believe how fast the time goes. With one, the time flew now having two little ones, it's almost going too fast. We went to Lola's two week appointment and she dropped kicked her birth weight in the face!! She weighed 7lbs 11oz at birth and weighed in at exactly 9lbs for her two week check up. That's my girl!! She is an eater man. In the hospital it took like over an hour to feed her, now she takes maybe 20-30 min and is done and fully satisfied. I love breast feeding. With Star, she was in the NICU for a little while so I had to pump, which over stimulated me and made me mass produce(which really hurts) so I cut my calories back and ended up drying out. It was a bitter sweet moment. Well with Lola she has been doing all the stimulation, and my goodness what a difference. I am totally enjoying every moment of it, and plan on doing it for at least a year (so no cutting calories this time. Just working out)

She is such a joy to have. I feel so very blessed to have her and Star in our lives. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for them. Motherhood is the best gift I was blessed with. I pray with all of my heart I can be a righteous example to my girls. I pray the spirit will guide and direct me to raise them the way my Heavenly Father would want. I love them so very very much!!!

Pictures of the day

Baby Lola

Silly Star

I am a horrible blogger, so I have a new goal of doing photo of the day of both girls. Wish me luck!

At home fun

Ever since Lola has been born, there really has not been any fun get out of the house time for Star. I feel so bad for her, cause you can just tell she gets super bored. I decided to try some different at home activities for her. She seemed to like it. We finger painted and did side walk chalk. I think I liked the activities a little more than she did, but it was fun seeing her do them. I plan to do an activity a day with her, until my four weeks of no physical activity for myself are up. Once that is over, it's back to the pool, going to the park and enjoying this crazy hot weather!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lola is here!

As most of you know, Lola is here. I had a scheduled c-section on Tuesday, June 26th, but I guess that was not soon enough for her. We had her on Monday at 9:08 am. I woke up at 3:30 am with a strong contraction. I went back to sleep, then about a half hour later I woke up again to another contraction. I stayed in bed til about 5 am and decided I would get up to see if the contractions would get more intense or ease off. Well ease off they did not. They got closer about 20 minutes, then got to ten minutes apart, and the pain was getting more intense. With Star my water broke, so that made it really easy to know to go to the hospital. With just contractions, it makes it hard to know when exactly you are supposed to go in.

Well I ended up calling the hospital to see what they recommended and they said come in and they will monitor me to see if it's real labor or not. We wake up Star and take her to Denton's aunt and head to the hospital. We get there a little after six and they hook me up. Now because of mine and Denton's activities the night before, the nurse thinks that is what is giving me contractions. I guess sperm has the same stuff as pitocin ( the stuff used to induce labor). Anyways... I am hooked up to the monitor and I can't tell what's going on, but a nurse comes in and decides to check to see if I am dilated. Turns out I am dilated to a four!!! Which means, we are having Lola a day early!! Woohoo!!

The nurses start prepping me and getting me ready to get my epidural and ready for the c-section. During this time, the contractions are getting a lot stronger and I am not liking it at all. Finally about a 45 minutes later, they take me back to the surgery room where the epidural is put in. Those are blessed miracles. Power to the woman who can do it all natural, but I sure am thankful for modern medicine! After the epidural is in and going, the procedure is a go. They started cutting me open at 9:03 and Lola was born at 9:08! The whole procedure took about a half an hour.

They wheel me into recovery and Denton was there with baby Lola. I finally got to hold her (that's the bummer about c-sections, it takes until you are all sewn up and in recovery til you can hold your little bundle of joy). She is precious. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life. I feel so blessed for how well everything went. We had such a horrible experience with Star's birth, that I thought it was impossible to have such a great experience, but this truly was amazing. I told Denton that I was already ready for another one...hahaha! That's how awesome this time around was. The nurses and whole hospital staff were amazing and so friendly. But enough about me.... here are pics of little Lola!! 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 in.