Sunday, October 28, 2012

4 months

My Lola Bue is 4 months already. I cannot believe how fast it's going. It makes me sad. Lola is such a joy to have in our family. She makes me smile. I mean look at her. It's hard not to smile :) She has discovered her feet and loves to play with them. I don't think Star ever did that so it's been fun watching the similarities and differences with the girls. She cannot roll over yet, but gets soooo close. Any day now it could happen. She is not a big fan of tummy time yet, but I still force it to get those tummy muscles strong. She is laughing more now, which is probably the best sound in the world. She loves Star (most the time) and smiles huge when she comes around. She makes the funniest faces, and is always happy. Sleeps well, and as you can tell, eats well too!!!

(The dress she is wearing was Star's Christmas dress when she was born, I had to put Lola in it before she got too big, so we made a photo shoot out of it)

 this one makes me laugh..haha

 LOVE this picture

Friday, October 19, 2012

Starlyn turned two

I cannot believe that my little Star is 2 yrs old! Time really does fly by. It just seems like yesterday she was born. I remember it all so well. She has come such a long way since then. I remember the doctor telling me that she was so sick, that she basically had lung disease. Now it was if she had never been sick at all! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and it healing Star. The Lord has great things in store for her, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful woman she will become. 

She is such a joy to have. She is on the go 24/7. Very energetic and crazy. She fits in perfect with Denton and I. She loves to look at books, climb and jump off things, LOVES her uncle Dave, would be outside all day if I would let her, loves to color and paint, can ride a tricycle like a champ, the fastest toddler runner in the world, loves gymnastics and can do amazing summersaults (spelling?). She pretty much is awesome!!!  She will do this crazy laugh out of the blue, and it is HILARIOUS! It's so random, that's what makes it awesome. She is a daddy's girl! Which sort of makes me jealous. When Denton gets home from work, she runs and screams and dives on the floor all in excitement...hahah.. then gives him the biggest hug and kiss ever. He is a pretty good daddy, so he totally deserves it!

Our life would be so boring if we didn't have little Star. I am so grateful for her and the joy she brings to my life and our family. Heavenly Father sure blessed us when he sent her to us. I look forward to watching her grow and see the new things she will learn and love. I love you Starlyn Maya with all of my hear. Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

My little zoo animals

Here is a little Halloween preview. Star had a birthday costume party on Sat, so we had a little photo shoot before. Aren't they sooooooooooo CUTE! My little zoo animals. Denton and I will be zoo keepers, so on the big night we will take a photo shoot of all of us. Until then, enjoy the little ones. (as you can tell, Lola was not too happy about this, but she looked precious!)

 Star making an elephant sound..haha!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day with Auntie Ash

My sister Ashley came to town to visit for the week. We wanted to do something fun with Star, so yesterday we took her to Wacky Tacky! This place was seriously the most AWESOMEST place I have ever been too. It's tubes everywhere that you can climb and crawl thru, big slides and a ball pit that you can shoot foam balls at peeps. This is seriously kid heaven and ADULT heaven. That is what is so awesome about this place. We adults can play too!!

The weird thing tho is that Star was super shy about it. Lame! I had to hold her and climb thru everything just to get her to try it out. She enjoyed it, but would never go by herself. I think if she had a little buddy then she would of been more open about it. I guess playing with mom isn't good enough anymore. Darn! 

My sister Ash with Lola

All of us posing!

Lola is obviously having the time of her life!

She has learned to grab things with her hands. She is growing too fast!

Me and Star sliding

We got good distance. This is probably the fastest slide in the world.

A pretty good angle of the awesomest!

This is the area Star would play in. She loved that gorilla.

After, we went to the Galleria mall and enjoyed some good subway and walking around. That mall is huge. It's fun having Ash in town. I sure do miss her when she is not around. I wish she lived closer. She is all the way in Galesburg, Ill. Lame! We will just have to make this week all worth it :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch up

I am such a horrible blogger. I am getting better with taking pictures, now I just need to remember to blog them. Not a whole lot has been going on. Lola is getting bigger, Star is getting crazier, and life has just been fun enjoying our family. 

Star wears head bands now cause Lola does. Best thing EVER!!!
(I mean look at her, sooooo cute!)

Star got a hold of my nail polish, and who knew she could open the lid... I didn't! I'd say
she did a pretty good job...hahaha... look how good her toe turned out!

I painted this dresser for the girls room. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I now want to paint EVERYTHING!

Bowling with Dad!

I can watch her sleep for hours and never get bored.

Lola loves her reflection... can you see why... she is sooo cute!!