Monday, October 15, 2012

My little zoo animals

Here is a little Halloween preview. Star had a birthday costume party on Sat, so we had a little photo shoot before. Aren't they sooooooooooo CUTE! My little zoo animals. Denton and I will be zoo keepers, so on the big night we will take a photo shoot of all of us. Until then, enjoy the little ones. (as you can tell, Lola was not too happy about this, but she looked precious!)

 Star making an elephant sound..haha!


  1. That is adorable!! What a creative idea!

  2. Ahhh! (that's me screaming with delight) They are sooo cute! I had a costume idea but our ward isn't doing a trunk or treat (so dumb!!) so I've kinda lost motivation for halloween this year...

    1. lame! i think EVERY ward needs to do a trunk or treat.

  3. so cute! i can't wait until i see the whole family shoot! bryton is going to be a newsie. i'm SUPER excited about that lol. who knows if jaren and i will dress up though. i LOVE the picture where star is making elephant noises lol