Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pumpkin + cheesecake = HEAVEN!

I love pumpkin, and I love cheesecake. Why not put them together? Last night I decided to make a pumpkin cheese cake, and it turned out amazing. I looked up a recipe and I found one from the cheesecake factory. It was super easy, and it tastes amazing!! I recommend it to everyone! Here is the recipe for those who dare to try:


1 1/2 cups graham crumbs

5 Tbsp. butter, melted

1 Tbsp. sugar


3- 8oz.pkgs. cream cheese, softened

1 cup sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

1 cup canned pumpkin

3 eggs

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1/4 tsp. allspice

Whipped Cream

Mix crust ingredients together, just till coated and crumbly. Press onto the bottom and 2/3 up the sides of an 8" springform pan. Bake for 5 min. at 350. Set aside.

Combine cheese, sugar and vanilla in large bowl, mix until smooth with an electric mixer. add pumpkin eggs, and spices, beat till smooth and creamy. Pour into the crust. Bake for 60-70 min. or till the top turns a bit darker. Remove from oven and allow to come to room temperature, then refrigerate. After it has thoroughly chilled, remove the pan sides and cut. Serve with whipped cream.

Farts are funny, poop is even funnier!

So funny story. The other day Denton was feeding Starlyn and she rips a HUGE one. We laugh and congratulate her. (we love when she toots cause she sometimes holds it in and it hurts her) Well Denton goes to burp her and he feels something on her back, he looks and she shot poop up her whole back. (that explains the juiciness to her toot) He shows me and I laugh, then he happens to look down on his pants and she went all over his pants, which made me laugh even harder. I seriously laughed for like twenty minutes. hahahahaha! I think it was so funny cause first, it wasn't me, and second, it has never happened to me, and I am with her all day. Oh it was great!

On another note real quick, Denton is absolutely awesome. On the weekends he takes care of Starlyn so I can sleep. Isn't he just great!?! It's amazing what a couple more hours of sleep does for you. I feel like I can do anything now with all my energy. And Starlyn can almost sleep thru the night. Last night she slept for six hours, woke up and fed then slept for another three hours. We got up at 8:30! It was wonderful!

Already a month!

I love her leg warmers and cute hair flower! I basically love this whole outfit!

Her new hair accessory!

Starlyn is already a month old. I cannot believe how fast the time goes. It's probably cause I am constantly busy now, which is a nice change from waiting and staring at my count down to her getting here. (I do not recommend a count down to your baby's due date, it reverses time on you!)

It sure has been a lot of fun having her here. First, I LOVE playing dress up with her. It's like having my own doll! Second, I love how having a child changes you. I seem to have more patience and more love. I don't know how this happens, but I am glad it does. I love how she cuddles with me, and falls asleep in my arms. I can stare at her for hours, and never get bored. It's funny cause when Denton gets home, he will play with her and hold her, and it makes me miss her. I tell Denton, please let me hold her.. and he says I am with her all day, but that doesn't make a difference....haha! I really enjoy watching Denton with her. He is going to be such a great dad. He is already teasing her. It's pretty funny. He hates when people baby talk and he refuses to do it to her, so he talks to her like he is singing a heavy metal song and is the guy that does the deep groan or scream. haha. I laugh soo hard at that.

I am so grateful to have her in my life, that she is healthy and growing strong. It's like she was never sick. She is already 10 lbs and 10 oz! She is going to be a chunky girl, and look soo cute!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Starlyn is here!

Well as a lot of you know Starlyn is here. She was born Monday, Oct 18th at 2:07 pm and weighed 8 lbs 5.2 oz. She was a big girl. I delivered her C-section due to complications. Here is the story:

Monday morning at 1:45 am my water broke and we headed to the hospital. They confirmed that it was my water and got me up to labor and delivery to get things going. They notice that I was bleeding more than normal, so they decided to keep an eye on that. I planned to do natural birth, so I tried to endure the contractions as best I could. Well my contractions were getting ridiculous, at most two minutes apart and extremely painful. About six hours into labor, I asked for some pain meds for my IV. Well, that didn't help at all, so I gave into the epidural (what a blessed miracle those are!)

My nurses kept committing on how much I was bleeding, so they went and mentioned it to the doctor. He came in and said that it could be due to my placenta ripping and we might have to do a C-Section. When they left the room, I asked Denton for a blessing so I wouldn't have to have a C-Section. I mean no one wants one right? Well in the blessing we were told that everything will be ok and it will happen the way it's supposed to. So that was a huge comfort to me. A few minutes later the doc came in cause our babies vitals took a turn. At this point I am dilated to an 8 and its about 1:45 p.m. He said that he doesn't think its a good idea to keep her in there cause labor could still take hours so he wants to do a C-Section. I agreed, and wanted whatever was best for her. They rush me in, and thank goodness I already had the epidural cause if she was in there any longer she wouldn't of made it and who knows what would of happened to me.

When they cut me open they confirmed it was my placenta that ripped and it caused me to not only bleed externally but also internally pretty bad. Starlyn aspirated a lot of my blood and it caused her lungs to have great problems. When she was first born her vitals were great, but they rushed her down stairs so they could get the blood out of her lungs and stomach, and that's when everything shut down but her heart. They took her to another hospital that was better equipped in handling these situations, and I was left to recover where we started out.

The baby doc came in and told me what had happened, and of course I cried, but the spirit was super strong and I knew everything was going to be okay. I think the hardest part was not being able to really see her or not being able to hold her. It was the hardest thing I have had to go thru. I remained at the original hospital until thursday afternoon. Denton has been awesome. He spent most of his time with her and stayed the night with me. He has been such a blessing.

The doctor from the other hospital called me and told me her lungs were extremely sick and that they wanted to do a blood transfusion to see if that would help her vitals. She had low oxygen levels and low CO2 levels. They had intubated her because she couldn't really breathe on her own. They expected her to stay on it for at least a week to ten days. We expected this, so it was no surprise when he told us. I had Denton give her a blessing so everything would turn out good. The transfusion worked wonders. It brought her vitals way up, and she looked so much better. Well each day her lungs got stronger and stronger to where they kept lowering the pressure of the tube. Surprisingly Wed, they took her off the tube and took it out. So all she had was an IV tube and her feeding tube. Well miraculously again, she is off her feeding tube and her IV is set to the lowest setting possible.

I talked to the doc today and he said that he doesn't even recognize our baby. That never in his life has he seen a baby turn around soo fast. I told him it was because we are soo awesome, and he says it must of been me cause he already met Denton...hahaha... I am now breast feeding her and if all goes well the rest of the day and thru the night we will most likely take her home tomorrow! Isn't that awesome. She is doing so great. She hasn't even been in here for a week and it's like she was never sick.

I feel so blessed and I am extremely thankful to all of those who kept us in their prayers and thoughts. I am most grateful to my Heavenly Father for this blessing, and for the spirit being with us. He never gives you anything you can't handle, and I feel I have conquered this little trial. Starlyn is just so amazing, and I am so thankful to still have her. If it wasn't for my doctor, she would not be here with us. Thankyou again to everyone, we love you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prego Pics

Sorry it has taken me so long to put up belly pics, but I feel self conscious... I know I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I really had fun taking them tho, Denton did a great job!

Friday, October 8, 2010

9 Days Left!

Only 9 more days!! I can't believe how fast ( and SLOW) it has gone. It's crazy! All I am feeling right now tho, is super anxious. First, cause I want her to get here, and second, I have no idea what labor is like or what to expect. I am just ready to get it on! Bring it! ha. What I want most tho, is to hold her. I can't wait for that day. I just hope I have the patience too! Cause clearly, it's not happening yet but I know it will come so fast. PATIENCE.... PATIENCE.... PATIENCE..... I can do this!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the privilege he has given me to be a mother. I am so exited! I look at mothers and see the love they have for their children, and I can't wait to know that love. To hold them in my arms, to comfort, to nurture, to protect, to laugh with, to wipe tears, to teach and be an example. I look forward to teaching them about my Heavenly Father and Savior, whom I love with all my heart.

I can't wait to look into my daughters eyes and to hold her for the first time. It's crazy to think that not too long ago, she was with Heavenly Father, in his kingdom and in his glory. I am so grateful she chose to come down and to be apart of mine and Denton's life. And I am eternally grateful that we will be a family for time and all eternity!!

I am grateful for the example and love my own mother had for me and all her children. I know at times she doesn't feel she did a good job, but she is an amazing woman and mother. I love her with all of my heart, and I pray that I can be as good of a mother as she!

Only two weeks left! The time has gone by so fast! (Yet so slow!) I look forward to this opportunity and privilege, and pray with all my heart I will be the best mother I can!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three weeks!

So, we only have three more weeks left until our little one gets here.... AND I CAN'T WAIT! We got her stroller and car seat delivered the other day, and it is taking all of my strength not to put it together and walk down the street with it (and no baby)! It is way cute, I will take pictures and post them for you. Today, I bought her way cute head bands. It's the first thing I have bought for her. I wasn't allowed to buy anything until after all our baby showers (Denton's rules). Me getting her super cute head bands of course was a necessity. I mean, she has to look super cute always right? And the best thing are head bands!

We have everything we need now and I have set it all up, and MAN, that really makes time go by slow. All I do is look at her stuff wishing she was here so I can play dress up with her. But, she will be here before we know it. I guess I really need to learn patience. (BUT I AM TOO EXCITED I AM SCREAMING RIGHT NOW!!) Oh, doctor up date, I am dilated to 1 1/2 cm and 70 % effaced. So I am right on schedule!! And, I am pretty excited about this, I have only gained 23 pounds! WOW! It's the water aerobics, I now swear by them and will do them for the rest of my life!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Attempting Photoshop

So I attempted to do photoshop. I still have no idea what I am doing, as you can probably all tell, but I thought it wasn't that bad for a first shot. The first one and Fifth one are my favorites (if I had to choose). Well I will be practicing, and hopefully I will soon have some photos up that will just blow all your minds!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Home made Pizza!!

Today I decided to make some homemade pizza, and it was amazing. I used a recipe for the crust I found online. It is a whole wheat recipe. I decided to make a BBQ, chicken, bellpepper, pineapple pizza. It was probably the best I have ever had. The crust was super good, and really easy to make. In fact, I am going to give you all the crust recipe, and encourage all those pizza lovers out there to try it out! Here is what our pizza turned out to look like!

As you can tell by the picture, we devoured it, so I hurried and got a picture of it before it was all gone! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!


  • 1 teaspoon white sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
  • 1 tablespoon active dry yeast
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour


  1. In a large bowl, dissolve sugar in warm water. Sprinkle yeast over the top, and let stand for about 10 minutes, until foamy.
  2. Stir the olive oil and salt into the yeast mixture, then mix in the whole wheat flour and 1 cup of the all-purpose flour until dough starts to come together. Tip dough out onto a surface floured with the remaining all-purpose flour, and knead until all of the flour has been absorbed, and the ball of dough becomes smooth, about 10 minutes. Place dough in an oiled bowl, and turn to coat the surface. Cover loosely with a towel, and let stand in a warm place until doubled in size, about 1 hour.
  3. When the dough is doubled, tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and divide into 2 pieces for 2 thin crust, or leave whole to make one thick crust. Form into a tight ball. Let rise for about 45 minutes, until doubled.
  4. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Roll a ball of dough with a rolling pin until it will not stretch any further. Then, drape it over both of your fists, and gently pull the edges outward, while rotating the crust. When the circle has reached the desired size, place on a well oiled pizza pan. Top pizza with your favorite toppings, such as sauce, cheese, meats, or vegetables.
  5. Bake for 16 to 20 minutes (depending on thickness) in the preheated oven, until the crust is crisp and golden at the edges, and cheese is melted on the top.

*Here are a few tips they recommend to make it easier. I followed the tips after step three from the above directions. I didn't have the crust rise again for 45min, I just allowed it to settle for ten minutes like they suggest in the tips below.

1. We used the recipe for Jay's Signature Pizza Crust. Once the dough has been formed and allowed to rise, uncover the dough and punch it down.

2. This particular recipe makes a two pizza crusts or one very large crust. If you would rather make individual pizza pies than one large pizza, portion the dough into as many round balls as you want pies. Once the portions have been formed, cover and let the dough sit for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the gluten to relax before rolling the dough out.

    3. Flour the surface of your work area to keep the dough from sticking. While you don't need to use a rolling pin to roll the dough out, it will help maintain a consistent thickness. Another approach is to pound the dough down with your fist or palm of your hand--this is just a preliminary shaping, to form the dough ball into a disc.

      4. Dust your hands with flour to keep the dough from sticking. Gently stretch the dough using the back of your floured hands, letting the weight of the dough pull the dough thinner. Use the backs of your fingers to push the dough out wider. Start in the middle of the dough with both hands close together, and slowly pull your hands apart, allowing the dough to glide above your hands. Turn the dough about 15 degrees on your hands and repeat this step until the dough is thinner, wider, and consistent throughout the entire circumference of the crust.

        5. Try spinning the dough in the air. This is certainly not required, but it's a lot of fun! It also helps to make the dough more round, as the centrifugal force causes equal amounts of pressure to be thrown out in all directions, helping the crust to form into a perfectly round shape.

          6. Cover a bread peel (a rimless baking sheet or heavy square of cardboard will work well) with either flour or corn meal. This flour layer is vital because it keeps the dough from sticking to the peel, which will allow you, with a quick motion, to push the pizza off of the peel, into the hot oven, and onto a baking or pizza stone. Place the dough on the peel. Complete any final forming of the shape.

            7. Arrange whatever toppings desired onto the newly formed homemade crust

            I do hope you all try it out, and love it as much as Denton and I did!!

            My creative side!

            I have been practicing my photography. I am still not very good, but I would like to show you some of my pics. I don't know how to use photo shop yet, so they are just straight from the camera. Let me know what you think!!

            Wednesday, September 8, 2010

            Trying to stay busy...

            So I have come to realize that when you don't have a job, your pregnant and waiting for the baby to come, you have A LOT of free time on your hands! (and I mean a lot!!) I found that you can only clean the house sooo much before you have nothing to do. I have read all the Series of Unfortunate events, washed all of Starlyn's clothes for her arrival, typed up some of Denton's mission journals and have found my creative side. I re-did our cork board. It used to be the family home evening board (which we never used for that) into a tribute to Denton and I..hahaha! I also Decided to make a paper chain to count down to Starlyn. I must admit, I chose great colors, however I am finding out that it is really making time DRAG! haha... We only have five weeks and a few days, which is nothing compared to the months I have just been thru, but when that is all you think about and walk by and stare at the count down, it really does not help the time at all!

            My awesome paper chain!

            Mine and Denton's Tribute!!!

            Our adventure to get to Caliente!

            We recently had the privilege to go to my sister's baby blessing for her new son, Spencer! But before I talk about that, I must tell you about the adventure we went thru to get to Caliente. My parents have a storage unit up in St. George. They decided that the best time to clean it out, was the weekend of the blessing. Great idea, since Denton and I were on our way down, we could just come and help them, so it could get done a lot faster. We meet my parents at the storage unit Friday afternoon, ( which at that time was like a million degrees!!) and we start loading up the truck.

            A few hours into it, we see that it's not all going to fit (my parents have TONS of food storage). My parents didn't get a big enough truck. Well, no problem, they just decided to get a smaller unit and keep food storage there for my sister to come and get and take back to Caliente so they can start their year supply.

            We finish loading and we all decide to head off to Caliente so we can spend the rest of the weekend with Tara and her little family. Denton and I decided to go to dinner with my bestest friend Stacia and her cute family before we leave town. Well on our way to meeting them, we get a phone call from my parents telling us the truck is way to heavy and that they can only drive about 2o mph, the tires are rubbing against the truck and that we are going to have to unload some more of the food storage. They decide to stay in STG for the night and do it in the morning. Well, me being me did not want my parents to do it by themselves so Denton and I stayed with my friend Stacia (SLUMBER PARTAY!!) and would help them first thing in the morning.

            We meet up with my parents and unload about three truck loads from the moving truck back to the smaller storage unit. ( thankyou Stacia and Troy again for letting us use your truck!) This is looking a lot better, so finally we are able to head off to Caliente. We decided to follow behind my parents just in case something went wrong. Well about half an hour into our hour forty five minute drive, I get another call from my parents saying that it is still to heavy and that Tara and her hubby our getting a truck from their bishop and our heading towards us to unload some of the truck onto them. Who knew food storage could weigh soooo much. We meet up with them, and unload some more boxes into their truck, and finally, FINALLY, we are on our way. And we made it!!!

            ~My advice to anyone getting a moving truck, always get bigger than you need, cause you never know how much stuff you really have, and how heavy it is!!

            Well this is the big suburb of Caliente!! (Nevada) It is actually pretty cool. It has tons of hiking, off roading trails, and some state parks! It was fun being able to see my parents and my sister! It's hard living so far away. The blessing was beautiful, it made me soo super excited for when Denton gets to bless our little Starlyn! I am so excited!!! She just needs to get here. Only five more weeks and three days, but who is counting..haha!

            So for those who don't know, Denton and I were married in the St. George temple. Isn't it beautiful?!! So for us to go to St. George, of course we had to pay a visit. We were sooo excited, since we haven't been there since we were married. Well we were getting ready to go and I decided to check the schedule to make sure they were open, well of course to our luck, they were closed until sept 6th for cleaning. AAAAHH! I was soo sad. Every time we have come down, this happens to us. But we did go and enjoy the scenery, and paid a visit to the visitors center. The thing I love about temples, is that you don't have to go inside to feel the spirit. Just being on the temple grounds we could feel our saviors' love and his spirit! We just hope next time we are there, its opened!

            Wednesday, August 11, 2010

            The truth

            This is what really happened the first time we met. First of all, we were not in a room, we were in a parking lot. Second of all it is significant to note that the most important part of the scene in question is that we were surrounded the entire night by hot rods. I was there accompanied by my good friend Richie. I was dressed in my chick magnet shirt. I had been on the dance floor ( parking lot) for approx. 15 minutes. At which point Richie and I were located at the south end of the dance floor. And after having gotten down and dirty, for a few songs, a slow song came on.
            As every young man knows, this is a premium opportunity to meet the ladies. Looking as awesome as awesomeness would permit, Richie and I began to scope out the prospects, a well known ritual in the life of a 15 year old boy. In a single glorious moment, the crowd parted ever so slightly to attract my attention to the farthest end of the parking lot. Where a beam of light came from an unknown source to illuminate an angelic figure that had never come across my field of vision before. Within a matter of mili-seconds, the crowd closed and while desperately trying to maintain line of vision, I announced to Richie, " I found mine."
            As quickly as I could, I attempted to make my way around the dance floor. The personage would come in and out of sight until by some miracle we met half way in between. No words were necessary as our eyes were locked in the telepathy of our love. After I memorized every lock of her curly red hair and captured her scent with as much precision as my nose could muster, I took her by the hand and we danced. Not once, not twice, but three times we did dance that night.
            Our third dance was the last song of the night. I scrambled to find a pen and paper and asked, "Number?" She replied, "Ya sure, hold on a sec." Then backed away from me and performed several back hand springs in a row. This was the first time I realized she was wearing blue camo pants. As she returned I said, "Never mind the number, I will just follow you home." She replied, "Sorry I am grounded, so here is my number and email, don't call me for three months."
            The rest of the story is basically about me looking down every street, behind every picture, and under every car trying to find that flippin red headed angel in camo pants.

            ~Denton Scott

            Pictures of our 8 year journey!

            Us at Denton's Senior Prom!

            Us at a church dance, I believe Denton's junior year!

            Denton's Highschool Graduation!

            Summer before Denton's Mission!

            One of our first dances together!

            8 Years and still in LOVE

            Today is mine and Denton's 8 year anniversary! Well, since we started dating that is. I can't believe how fast time goes! It just seems like yesterday when we met at the tri-stake dance in Yuba City. He saw me across a crowded room, and made his way over to ask me the question that changed our lives forever....."Will you..... dance with me?" We were hooked to each other ever since!
            Now 8 years later, we are married and have our first girl on the way! And we still are madly in love. Life couldn't be more wonderful. ( well maybe if we didn't live in Utah..haha)
            Denton... I love you, and I am so grateful to have you in my life! Thanks for all you do for me and for our family!

            Sunday, July 25, 2010

            This sucks amazing!

            The best thing that happened to our family was....... Buying a VACUUM!! The two years we have been married, we have never owned one. First, they are too expensive, and borrowing one seemed to work just fine. Well I got tired of that, plus having a little one on the way, I just want everything to be clean and perfect. I found this used vacuum place in town, so I decided to check it out. WOW... there were a lot of vacuums. This guy comes out, and starts showing me different types ranging anywhere from like $20 to $75. "Let's keep it under $50." I say. So he shows me those, and the funniest part was, when he would turn them on to show me, he would find things still wrong with some. Like one he needed to fix the belt, and another, he needed to put the belt back in..haha... It was funny! Well the one I ended up liking was a trade in. It is this cute little baby blue one, that is super light and works awesome. I have never been so excited to go home and clean my house. I cannot believe all the stuff we had on our carpet. It was actually pretty gross, but we don't need to worry about that now with our baby blue!!!

            He did it!!

            Denton finally got his motorcycle running. It took a little while, but after a couple false alarms, It finally works. He is sooo excited.

            It took a couple weeks of every day and night him out there taking things apart, putting things back together, him being frustrated, and tons and tons of reading online. When he first got his bike running, he would use our car battery to start it, so he wouldn't have to kick start it, but when he took it off the battery, it wouldn't run. It turns out with older bikes, you actually need a motorcycle battery for them. So he got his battery, and was psyched it could run. His first ride was staring him in the face.

            I was at my friend Jewelyn's house when Denton was telling me about him getting it running, so he was going to drive it over. YAY!! I thought, finally he did it! So I get another call from him, and he asked if they ( Jewelyn and hubby) had jumper cables. "What for?" Well it turns out, he made it over half way to their house, and his bike dies. Talk about an excitement killer. I thought the best part was, us following him home and jump start his bike like every two blocks. HAHA, Those are the moments that I wished I carried our camera with me all the time.

            Denton, being the man he is, did not let that get him down. He finally figured out the problem, something to do with the regulator ( whatever that is) and now the bike is running like a champ! Yesterday was his first real ride on it. I have never seen him smile so big! Now all he has to do is pass the safety test, and he is good to go! (But that will be an adventure also....)

            Friday, July 2, 2010

            We will forever remember you California!

            Our Vacation is over. Its amazing how fast two weeks can go. It was a lot of fun tho. Both our families are now in Gridley, so we got to see EVERYONE. ( this will make it a lot easier for those holiday visits that are in the future!) The hardest part was leaving Cali. We can't wait to move back. Only two more semesters, then it is good bye Utah forever I hate your guts, and hello California, we love you and we will never leave you again! Here are some of the memories of our trip....

            Boys will be boys. Tradition with Denton's friends: have the biggest bon fire ever! Him and all his buddies got together and not only had a bon fire, but made fire balls and threw them at each other. I guess seeing your friends on fire is fun! haha

            The beautiful scenery and sunsets of California! I mean, what more is there to say about that. The picture speaks for itself!

            So my sister Ashley ( the one in gray) came to Cali from Iowa with her boyfriend Jon, and was worried he would not have a fun time. So she wants ideas on what they could do. I was like... Bald Rock! We made it a triple date, and went to bald rock. It was sooo fun! Bald Rock is exactly how it sounds, a huge rock that is bald. But it's so much more. There are caves you can explore and rocks you can climb, and the view is amazing. It's an endless adventure! We played around until the sun went down, then had a fire and cooked smores and watched the stars! (California has the best stars for star gazing!)

            My sister Chelsea and Denton's Brother Trevor, both graduated highschool! It's crazy how they grow up so fast, and funny how you think you are sooo much more older than they are but, in all reality, you're not! They seem so much closer in age to us now that they are moving on to grown up stuff. Trevor got excepted to BYU, and came back up to Provo with us. He is doing summer school right now. Chelsea is thinking about playing basketball for a local college who keeps bugging her. They want her pretty bad, and the coach is confident he can get her ready to play on a university level in just a couple years. I hope she does play. She is amazing!

            I also had a baby shower while we were there. I had my sis Alexa take pics for me, so as soon as I get those, I will post them. But I do want to thank both Denton's fam and mine for everything. You all are amazing and we love you!!!