Friday, July 2, 2010

We will forever remember you California!

Our Vacation is over. Its amazing how fast two weeks can go. It was a lot of fun tho. Both our families are now in Gridley, so we got to see EVERYONE. ( this will make it a lot easier for those holiday visits that are in the future!) The hardest part was leaving Cali. We can't wait to move back. Only two more semesters, then it is good bye Utah forever I hate your guts, and hello California, we love you and we will never leave you again! Here are some of the memories of our trip....

Boys will be boys. Tradition with Denton's friends: have the biggest bon fire ever! Him and all his buddies got together and not only had a bon fire, but made fire balls and threw them at each other. I guess seeing your friends on fire is fun! haha

The beautiful scenery and sunsets of California! I mean, what more is there to say about that. The picture speaks for itself!

So my sister Ashley ( the one in gray) came to Cali from Iowa with her boyfriend Jon, and was worried he would not have a fun time. So she wants ideas on what they could do. I was like... Bald Rock! We made it a triple date, and went to bald rock. It was sooo fun! Bald Rock is exactly how it sounds, a huge rock that is bald. But it's so much more. There are caves you can explore and rocks you can climb, and the view is amazing. It's an endless adventure! We played around until the sun went down, then had a fire and cooked smores and watched the stars! (California has the best stars for star gazing!)

My sister Chelsea and Denton's Brother Trevor, both graduated highschool! It's crazy how they grow up so fast, and funny how you think you are sooo much more older than they are but, in all reality, you're not! They seem so much closer in age to us now that they are moving on to grown up stuff. Trevor got excepted to BYU, and came back up to Provo with us. He is doing summer school right now. Chelsea is thinking about playing basketball for a local college who keeps bugging her. They want her pretty bad, and the coach is confident he can get her ready to play on a university level in just a couple years. I hope she does play. She is amazing!

I also had a baby shower while we were there. I had my sis Alexa take pics for me, so as soon as I get those, I will post them. But I do want to thank both Denton's fam and mine for everything. You all are amazing and we love you!!!

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