Sunday, July 25, 2010

He did it!!

Denton finally got his motorcycle running. It took a little while, but after a couple false alarms, It finally works. He is sooo excited.

It took a couple weeks of every day and night him out there taking things apart, putting things back together, him being frustrated, and tons and tons of reading online. When he first got his bike running, he would use our car battery to start it, so he wouldn't have to kick start it, but when he took it off the battery, it wouldn't run. It turns out with older bikes, you actually need a motorcycle battery for them. So he got his battery, and was psyched it could run. His first ride was staring him in the face.

I was at my friend Jewelyn's house when Denton was telling me about him getting it running, so he was going to drive it over. YAY!! I thought, finally he did it! So I get another call from him, and he asked if they ( Jewelyn and hubby) had jumper cables. "What for?" Well it turns out, he made it over half way to their house, and his bike dies. Talk about an excitement killer. I thought the best part was, us following him home and jump start his bike like every two blocks. HAHA, Those are the moments that I wished I carried our camera with me all the time.

Denton, being the man he is, did not let that get him down. He finally figured out the problem, something to do with the regulator ( whatever that is) and now the bike is running like a champ! Yesterday was his first real ride on it. I have never seen him smile so big! Now all he has to do is pass the safety test, and he is good to go! (But that will be an adventure also....)

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  1. How fun! Scott loved having a bike at BYU. Better parking, cheap gas and insurance. We had a scooter once too. It was stolen and then returned a few months later. We figured someone used it for a semester and then went home. Go figure. Better keep the bike locked!