Friday, May 28, 2010

We are having a GIRL!!

Well everyone, we broke the Scott curse. Denton comes from all boys, so everyone naturally thought we were going to be having a little boy. Surprise... it's a girl! We had our ultra sound yesterday, and when the tech asked if we can tell what it is, I was like, noo.... she wrote up on the screen, Daddy's little girl! We are soo excited. I think the best part for me, was watching how much Denton was into the ultra sound. He loved it!!
It was exciting to tell Cindy also (mother in law)! When she found out we were prego, She said Cortney, I am confident you are going to break the curse and give me more girls! ha.. When I told her the news, she was very excited, and I think all the boys were like, What, a girl, that's impossible....hahaha.. This is going to be a fun journey! I am soo excited.
And incase everyone is wondering, YES, we have a name picked out. Her name will be Starlyn Maya (mya) Scott! Denton picked out the middle names, like the mayan indians in mexico, but I was surprised how much I liked it. Props to him!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Denton got a motorcycle! He is so excited. I told him once we pay off our car, he can get one. Ever since then, the search had been on. Every moment he got, he looked and looked and looked, and nothing seemed to work out. I told him maybe now isn't the right time. Well, I was wrong. He texted me one day while he was at work and said, do you want to go up to logan with me tomorrow morning? Logan, what the heck is up there? A MOTORCYCLE of course! We headed up that next morning (may 20th). It took like two hours to get there, but it was a beautiful drive. I hate utah, but northern utah sure is beautiful. We get there, and end up having just me, denton and the guys wife there loading the beast. hahah... that took like an hour. Luckily the people we were buying from had a ramp, and tie downs so we can slowly crank it up onto the truck. Not only was getting the bike on the truck a chore, but after looking at it for the first time, denton sure has his work cut out. I just hope we don't spend more money fixing it then what we paid for the thing. At least he has something he enjoys to keep him busy!

After loading "Ginga" (he named the bike) into the truck!!

After denton stripped it down!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look who's Blogging now!!

I am excited to say, We have a blog! Now all you Scott fans out there, can read up on us. I am very excited for you all!!

Now enough about that, I have even more exciting news! I finally felt the baby move with my hands. The neatest thing ever. I have been able to feel it in my tummy every now and then, but the baby is stronger now and kicking like a champ. It is starting to feel more real now! I am excited for Denton to feel our little one move! And we only have nine more days til we found out if its a boy or girl! Any guesses?