Friday, October 8, 2010

9 Days Left!

Only 9 more days!! I can't believe how fast ( and SLOW) it has gone. It's crazy! All I am feeling right now tho, is super anxious. First, cause I want her to get here, and second, I have no idea what labor is like or what to expect. I am just ready to get it on! Bring it! ha. What I want most tho, is to hold her. I can't wait for that day. I just hope I have the patience too! Cause clearly, it's not happening yet but I know it will come so fast. PATIENCE.... PATIENCE.... PATIENCE..... I can do this!!


  1. AHHHH I'm So excited for you!!! Can you please take some preggo pictures and put them on here, I could barely see the one that you sent me :) I loved it still though! How soon can I come down after you have her??? Two weeks- let you settle in, just let me know! I want to see my new NIECE!!!! YAY!!!! Maybe we'll bring Geoff down or something. I left my phone at home today- but you can text me on my ipod at the number 1-215-995-0806! I love you so much Cortney!!! Tell Denton I said HELLO!!!

  2. don't worry, you'll do great. all you have to do is squeeze at the right time, right? Piece of cake. :)

  3. You will do Awesome! Just remember you CAN and WILL do it even when you really believe you can't. And after its all over everything will be amazing and perfect in your world! Super excited for you guys!