Friday, October 22, 2010

Starlyn is here!

Well as a lot of you know Starlyn is here. She was born Monday, Oct 18th at 2:07 pm and weighed 8 lbs 5.2 oz. She was a big girl. I delivered her C-section due to complications. Here is the story:

Monday morning at 1:45 am my water broke and we headed to the hospital. They confirmed that it was my water and got me up to labor and delivery to get things going. They notice that I was bleeding more than normal, so they decided to keep an eye on that. I planned to do natural birth, so I tried to endure the contractions as best I could. Well my contractions were getting ridiculous, at most two minutes apart and extremely painful. About six hours into labor, I asked for some pain meds for my IV. Well, that didn't help at all, so I gave into the epidural (what a blessed miracle those are!)

My nurses kept committing on how much I was bleeding, so they went and mentioned it to the doctor. He came in and said that it could be due to my placenta ripping and we might have to do a C-Section. When they left the room, I asked Denton for a blessing so I wouldn't have to have a C-Section. I mean no one wants one right? Well in the blessing we were told that everything will be ok and it will happen the way it's supposed to. So that was a huge comfort to me. A few minutes later the doc came in cause our babies vitals took a turn. At this point I am dilated to an 8 and its about 1:45 p.m. He said that he doesn't think its a good idea to keep her in there cause labor could still take hours so he wants to do a C-Section. I agreed, and wanted whatever was best for her. They rush me in, and thank goodness I already had the epidural cause if she was in there any longer she wouldn't of made it and who knows what would of happened to me.

When they cut me open they confirmed it was my placenta that ripped and it caused me to not only bleed externally but also internally pretty bad. Starlyn aspirated a lot of my blood and it caused her lungs to have great problems. When she was first born her vitals were great, but they rushed her down stairs so they could get the blood out of her lungs and stomach, and that's when everything shut down but her heart. They took her to another hospital that was better equipped in handling these situations, and I was left to recover where we started out.

The baby doc came in and told me what had happened, and of course I cried, but the spirit was super strong and I knew everything was going to be okay. I think the hardest part was not being able to really see her or not being able to hold her. It was the hardest thing I have had to go thru. I remained at the original hospital until thursday afternoon. Denton has been awesome. He spent most of his time with her and stayed the night with me. He has been such a blessing.

The doctor from the other hospital called me and told me her lungs were extremely sick and that they wanted to do a blood transfusion to see if that would help her vitals. She had low oxygen levels and low CO2 levels. They had intubated her because she couldn't really breathe on her own. They expected her to stay on it for at least a week to ten days. We expected this, so it was no surprise when he told us. I had Denton give her a blessing so everything would turn out good. The transfusion worked wonders. It brought her vitals way up, and she looked so much better. Well each day her lungs got stronger and stronger to where they kept lowering the pressure of the tube. Surprisingly Wed, they took her off the tube and took it out. So all she had was an IV tube and her feeding tube. Well miraculously again, she is off her feeding tube and her IV is set to the lowest setting possible.

I talked to the doc today and he said that he doesn't even recognize our baby. That never in his life has he seen a baby turn around soo fast. I told him it was because we are soo awesome, and he says it must of been me cause he already met Denton...hahaha... I am now breast feeding her and if all goes well the rest of the day and thru the night we will most likely take her home tomorrow! Isn't that awesome. She is doing so great. She hasn't even been in here for a week and it's like she was never sick.

I feel so blessed and I am extremely thankful to all of those who kept us in their prayers and thoughts. I am most grateful to my Heavenly Father for this blessing, and for the spirit being with us. He never gives you anything you can't handle, and I feel I have conquered this little trial. Starlyn is just so amazing, and I am so thankful to still have her. If it wasn't for my doctor, she would not be here with us. Thankyou again to everyone, we love you!


  1. Courtney and Denton,

    Congratulations! That is awesome that Starlyn is doing so well! I hope your recovery goes well too, Courtney.

    Just don't forget, don't pick up anything heavier than the baby for about 6 weeks, even if you feel okay!

  2. Wow that's so great that you might get to take her home tomorrow! Just in time for your mama! Hooray for your new family!

  3. What a crazy first week of life for your little girl! But she's tough like her momma, so she'll be alright. It is such a wonderful blessing to have the power of the Priesthood so accessible. I'm glad that Denton was ready, worthy, and able to provide you and your daughter with the blessings you needed.
    I pray that all will continue to improve for both you and her. God bless your little family.

  4. I love you my beautiful sister! And I totally love my new niece... I'm so excited to see her in 5 days!!! Heavenly Father loves us so much and I'm so thankful that you and Denton rely on Him. I love you C-Dog!!!

  5. Wow! Your little family has certainly had an intense week. I am so glad that everything worked out and that you can bring Starlyn home. Congratulations!

  6. I'm so glad she and you made it through! What a ride! I am also glad that she is recovering so quickly. She is so precious I just want to snuggle her. But I have a cold, and three other kids:). Hugs from all of us and wishes for a continued strong recovery.

  7. We love you guys! We are so excited to see her! XOXOXO