Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our adventure to get to Caliente!

We recently had the privilege to go to my sister's baby blessing for her new son, Spencer! But before I talk about that, I must tell you about the adventure we went thru to get to Caliente. My parents have a storage unit up in St. George. They decided that the best time to clean it out, was the weekend of the blessing. Great idea, since Denton and I were on our way down, we could just come and help them, so it could get done a lot faster. We meet my parents at the storage unit Friday afternoon, ( which at that time was like a million degrees!!) and we start loading up the truck.

A few hours into it, we see that it's not all going to fit (my parents have TONS of food storage). My parents didn't get a big enough truck. Well, no problem, they just decided to get a smaller unit and keep food storage there for my sister to come and get and take back to Caliente so they can start their year supply.

We finish loading and we all decide to head off to Caliente so we can spend the rest of the weekend with Tara and her little family. Denton and I decided to go to dinner with my bestest friend Stacia and her cute family before we leave town. Well on our way to meeting them, we get a phone call from my parents telling us the truck is way to heavy and that they can only drive about 2o mph, the tires are rubbing against the truck and that we are going to have to unload some more of the food storage. They decide to stay in STG for the night and do it in the morning. Well, me being me did not want my parents to do it by themselves so Denton and I stayed with my friend Stacia (SLUMBER PARTAY!!) and would help them first thing in the morning.

We meet up with my parents and unload about three truck loads from the moving truck back to the smaller storage unit. ( thankyou Stacia and Troy again for letting us use your truck!) This is looking a lot better, so finally we are able to head off to Caliente. We decided to follow behind my parents just in case something went wrong. Well about half an hour into our hour forty five minute drive, I get another call from my parents saying that it is still to heavy and that Tara and her hubby our getting a truck from their bishop and our heading towards us to unload some of the truck onto them. Who knew food storage could weigh soooo much. We meet up with them, and unload some more boxes into their truck, and finally, FINALLY, we are on our way. And we made it!!!

~My advice to anyone getting a moving truck, always get bigger than you need, cause you never know how much stuff you really have, and how heavy it is!!

Well this is the big suburb of Caliente!! (Nevada) It is actually pretty cool. It has tons of hiking, off roading trails, and some state parks! It was fun being able to see my parents and my sister! It's hard living so far away. The blessing was beautiful, it made me soo super excited for when Denton gets to bless our little Starlyn! I am so excited!!! She just needs to get here. Only five more weeks and three days, but who is counting..haha!

So for those who don't know, Denton and I were married in the St. George temple. Isn't it beautiful?!! So for us to go to St. George, of course we had to pay a visit. We were sooo excited, since we haven't been there since we were married. Well we were getting ready to go and I decided to check the schedule to make sure they were open, well of course to our luck, they were closed until sept 6th for cleaning. AAAAHH! I was soo sad. Every time we have come down, this happens to us. But we did go and enjoy the scenery, and paid a visit to the visitors center. The thing I love about temples, is that you don't have to go inside to feel the spirit. Just being on the temple grounds we could feel our saviors' love and his spirit! We just hope next time we are there, its opened!

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  1. You are so very welcome for the truck....and I am so glad you got to hang out with me longer! I miss you already though and need a Cortney fix again soon!!!