Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day with Auntie Ash

My sister Ashley came to town to visit for the week. We wanted to do something fun with Star, so yesterday we took her to Wacky Tacky! This place was seriously the most AWESOMEST place I have ever been too. It's tubes everywhere that you can climb and crawl thru, big slides and a ball pit that you can shoot foam balls at peeps. This is seriously kid heaven and ADULT heaven. That is what is so awesome about this place. We adults can play too!!

The weird thing tho is that Star was super shy about it. Lame! I had to hold her and climb thru everything just to get her to try it out. She enjoyed it, but would never go by herself. I think if she had a little buddy then she would of been more open about it. I guess playing with mom isn't good enough anymore. Darn! 

My sister Ash with Lola

All of us posing!

Lola is obviously having the time of her life!

She has learned to grab things with her hands. She is growing too fast!

Me and Star sliding

We got good distance. This is probably the fastest slide in the world.

A pretty good angle of the awesomest!

This is the area Star would play in. She loved that gorilla.

After, we went to the Galleria mall and enjoyed some good subway and walking around. That mall is huge. It's fun having Ash in town. I sure do miss her when she is not around. I wish she lived closer. She is all the way in Galesburg, Ill. Lame! We will just have to make this week all worth it :)