Friday, October 19, 2012

Starlyn turned two

I cannot believe that my little Star is 2 yrs old! Time really does fly by. It just seems like yesterday she was born. I remember it all so well. She has come such a long way since then. I remember the doctor telling me that she was so sick, that she basically had lung disease. Now it was if she had never been sick at all! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and it healing Star. The Lord has great things in store for her, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful woman she will become. 

She is such a joy to have. She is on the go 24/7. Very energetic and crazy. She fits in perfect with Denton and I. She loves to look at books, climb and jump off things, LOVES her uncle Dave, would be outside all day if I would let her, loves to color and paint, can ride a tricycle like a champ, the fastest toddler runner in the world, loves gymnastics and can do amazing summersaults (spelling?). She pretty much is awesome!!!  She will do this crazy laugh out of the blue, and it is HILARIOUS! It's so random, that's what makes it awesome. She is a daddy's girl! Which sort of makes me jealous. When Denton gets home from work, she runs and screams and dives on the floor all in excitement...hahah.. then gives him the biggest hug and kiss ever. He is a pretty good daddy, so he totally deserves it!

Our life would be so boring if we didn't have little Star. I am so grateful for her and the joy she brings to my life and our family. Heavenly Father sure blessed us when he sent her to us. I look forward to watching her grow and see the new things she will learn and love. I love you Starlyn Maya with all of my hear. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Her hair is getting so long!! Happy birthday, Star! Come play soon!!