Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tummy time

You can't really tell by these pictures, but Starlyn HATES tummy time. Well she will like it for about five minutes and then she will cry and cry. She needs to learn tho, tummy time is good for her..ha. I did get some good shots of her tho while she was enjoying it. She is getting better height and she tries to move her legs, and it looks like she is swimming..haha.. which is super funny. She also, can stick her but up in the air, but that only lasts like two seconds. I believe she will walk before she conquers crawling, rolling over, and rocking back and forth. Until then, she will be forced to like tummy time!

I love this picture! (Tara, I think she looks a lot like you in it!)

I had to add this picture cause her shorts are awesome! Look at those ruffles!!!

Look at the height and arm extension!!

I love my daughter!!!

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  1. She does look like Kaitlyn and me! At least you know she'll be gorgeous! (J/K... she's going to be anyway!) She's officially outgrown Spencer. I guess I'll need to teach him how to dominate!