Saturday, February 5, 2011

90 days to a new me!

Denton got me P90X for my birthday two years ago. Sadly, I haven't done the program yet. I think it had to do with the whole newly wed thing, and wanting to spend time together and EAT! (like all the time) Well, that made me gain some happy married weight of 20 lbs. My goal is to get down to my pre-wedding weight. Can I do it? Of course. I started this program this week. I love love it! (and I haven't been this sore since my tumbling days.) I plan 90 days from now, to be a lean mean fighting machine. I will keep everyone posted on my progress, and if this works like its supposed to, I will totally let anyone borrow it :) Wish me luck! (I am gonna need it)


  1. hey i love P90xxxxxxxxxxxxx hahh it's so awesome and yes it makes you so super sore haha i did the legs and butt and pretty much was paralized the next day hahah but it's awesome!! I'm wanting to start it up again, just gotta get the cds!! wish we lived next to each other and we could do it together!! miss you crazy face and i love youuuuu :)

  2. good luck! it is quite a work out! you can do it!

  3. Once your 90 days is up I'm thinking I should borrow it from you so I too can be a lean mean fighting machine!! :)