Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay for internet!

We have internet again! YAY! Our neighbor who we used to "borrow" from, well her internet is unreliable now. I don't know if she figured our "borrowing" out or what, but we can't use hers anymore..... (how dare she :) ) Our awesome neighbors down stairs our letting us use theirs!! HALLA!!!

Sooooo lets catch up. I am still doing P90X and I have lost 8 pounds!! WOOHOO! I absolutely love it! I forgot how much I love working out. I am now to the point again where I have to work out and I can't go without doing it!! Yay for me!

Starlyn is five months already! My little girl is growing up sooo fast... tear! But it's sooo fun! She can almost sit up, she is laughing all the time, she can grab things with her hands. She is basically amazing! Pictures will come manana!!

Denton has been applying to grad school. He got accepted to BYU. Which is good news and bad news to him. We are real tired of Utah... pretty much hate it! He did not get accepted to Berkeley, which he was super bummed about, but the Lord has much better plans for us! So it will be fun to see where else he gets accepted to.... Cali, Colorado, or Michigan?! (We hope CALI!!)

I might be coaching gymnastics again this summer. I am actually pretty excited. It would be mon-thurs til about noon. Earn a little cash, and get out of the house! Oh, Denton got a job offer from his old internship. The CEO of that company started another business and wants Denton to come work for him. They met up last week, and Denton is going to work the summer with them. I guess Robert (CEO) wants Denton to work work there, but for right now he is just going to work the summer. Denton felt pretty good, and of course I was super happy for him! My husband is such an awesome worker!! They will start him at $14 and hour. Not great, but way more than what we are used too. He will work full time, and still do a couple shifts at the MTC.

That's all I can think of at this moment. I will post some pics manana of my little Starlyn! But for now, good night!!


  1. post some pics i miss youuuuu!!! that's awesome he got into byu but hopefully he gets into the one you guys want!! i can't believe star is 5 months old!! that is soooo crazy!! and i'm still not prego hahaha i miss you like crazy dude!!! seriously crazyness!!!! i'm sorry my life is crazy and kinda out of control but that's okay haha i love you so much :)